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Make Agreement Date and Installment Specific

An agreement should reflect members specific payment schedule. Many of my agreements (after school and summer camp) are set on a weekly payment schedule but your agreement can not reflect this. It says the payment schedule is: payments due on the 1st with 42 installments (for example). This will not be true. If the first payment is on the 1st then the next payment would be on the 8th then the 15th and so on. Making this legal document false. Technically a person would be able to dispute my weekly charges because the agreement states she will be charged on the 1st only. there are many ways to fix this, the mayor one would be to remove the payment due field, because in can contradict with the installments and the 1st payment field. or at least to have a field stating the frequency of payments. weekly, bi weekly, monthly etc. this is a mayor issue that can cause legal headaches.
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  • Oct 1 2018
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