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Member Only Profit Generators

No matter how many ways we try to instructor our members to sign up correctly for a profit generator, it never fails that each new event brings a dozen duplicate profiles created. Two possible solutions:
1) be able to set a profit generator to members-only. Have it search their name (like the promotions PGs do) and AUTO FILL their information
2) have an "I am an existing member" option for all profit generators that allow them to search and auto fill their info.

Parents are tired of filling out info we already know over and over and I am tired of trying to eliminate duplicate profiles!
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  • Oct 1 2018
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    J Scott Dolloff commented
    October 25, 2018 18:14

    We are planning a Member Login process to allow this.

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    Guest commented
    11 Mar 15:23

    Yes, I highly agree.  Also I have family memberships (since you give us that option for payments), but then you don't have it in profit generators.  When they add a "friend" let them choose the other students under that same email address instead of having to go back into Profit Generator multiple times.

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    Guest commented
    28 Mar 16:01

    Yes! This would be awesome! 

  • Admin
    J Scott Dolloff commented
    14 Jun 14:45

    This is now in discovery process for integration into the new 'member app' that is available.