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Extend Profit Generator Coupon Code Expiration Dates

I often want to re-run online ads and re-use old Profit Generator codes (e.g., "36HOURS"). A recent change to Rainmaker blocks me from creating two identical coupon codes with different expiration dates (though that used to work). However, even this was a kludge. The best thing is to enable editing of coupon codes (e.g., description, expiration date, even the discount amount or type). As things are now, I have to modify my ad each time I run it (e.g., "36HOURS", "36HRS", "36", etc. There's only so many ways to do this and the list of coupon codes in my profit generator will get very big. It's not feasible to create a new profit generator as I'd have to contact FCOM every time I do that. I prefer "set it and forget it" when it comes to Rainmaker integration with my FCOM website.
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  • Oct 1 2018
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