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Have a report with both remaining class credits and belt rank in the same screen.

It is useful because if we want to print a report with both of these pieces of information, it is nice to have a report with both of these pieces of information.

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  • Dec 4 2018
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    J Scott Dolloff commented
    December 04, 2018 01:58

    I’d love to learn more to explore the solutions.

    We ask many questions to understand how to create better solutions and results for problems your encountering in business.

    To identify and understand different use cases, we dive deep into giving you real results.

    To learn more, may we start with a few questions?

    1. What are your doing that causes you to need this information in a report?

    For example, Are you?
    1. Planning a rank promotion?
    2. Trying to identify Rank Based Program/Membership (including a class credit purchase ) Renewal opportunity?

    Right now, how do you currently identify this information?

    After you have the information, what is the next step to accomplish you goal?

    For example, will you?
    1. Create a follow-up Flow?
    2. Send a personal email?
    3. Follow-up offline via calls and in-person chats?

    What is your ultimate favored outcome when using this info? (Examples below)
    1. Manage Attendance
    2. Rank promotions
    3. Membership Uprgade/Renewal Follow-up leading to early conversion to new membership?

    Thanks so much for this idea submission. We know you invested your time to introduce a concept that will help your business and possibly help a large portion of other RainMakers businesses.